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I would ask you please to spare a moment in the countdown towards the referendum to read this, my final plea.

In 1603 a Scottish King inherited the Throne of England, though peace and war were the repeated pattern of history between the two great kingdoms for many centuries it was then in 1603, where the first stone of greatness was laid. Now the combined might and wisdom of the entire island of what we call home was collected and unrest subsided. Though many evils in history, from Cromwell to even now, threatened this land of kingdoms we always resurfaced, we always survived, and that made us greater.

In 1707 we became countries under a single crown, the kingdom of Great Britain. The ruler of the waves, the foundation of the greatest empire to ever exist, fore fronted by Scottish, English and Welsh endurance and determination and later joined by the Irish.

It is because of this great history and these great lessons why that I am not English, I am British. I consider myself honoured to be of this group of damp, cold islands, islands that saw the Vikings pushed back, islands that stood against the Armada of Spain, islands that were bombarded for years and still did not yield to Hitler.

I am proud to live on an island that thousands around the world risk life and limb to get to, to live as we do. I am proud that over our millennium long history we have remained so close yet so beautifully distinct. It is that bond, that very spirit of brotherhood under unity and diversity that I speak for now.

Because, Scotland, I think I know why a lot of you want to leave, you feel betrayed. The decisions that affect us all are made so far away from you, by men who couldn't be any less part of the masses if they tried. Believe it or not, Scotland, we understand, as those from Northern England will tell you, we too feel the blatant disregard for our areas. And that is why I ask you to stay.
Only through the combined influence of all the common peoples of this country of countries can the selfish, business orientated imbeciles be ousted from the House which is meant to represent the common man.  Our system consists of three tiers; the commons, the lords and the sovereign, how does this system work when the commons is in the hands of a group of self-helping school friends who are only in politics to satisfy their gross, egotistical hunger, they’ve reached the top and now that they are there they are a burden to peoples of this land.

I therefore propose a plan of action. Because in all true honesty, who would we vote for? Labour, of whose government would be headed by a sickly little man who mouth and brain can barely keep up with each other. Liberal democrats, they’d sell their mothers for a chance to be the ones to wipe the backside of the ones on top. No, it is called the commons for a reason, I say we should make that namesake work.

This is a simple proposal but would no doubt be long and arduous one, go out into you cities, your constituencies and find that one person who you can truly believe in, a commoner with real ambition to change things for the good of everyone, even beyond their constituency. Then next, convince them to stand independently, find the backing necessarily, reach out to others for help, tell them that change can and will happen if we pull together. Then, get the word out, the word that there is someone out there willing to listen, to fight, to be heard, without any party loyalty or business donors to satisfy. Just a candidate, found and supported by the people, to speak for the people.
This is by no means a fast solution. The task to convince the public to put faith into the independent standers instead of long existed parties would take years. So I am asking for five. Five years to find those who would stand selflessly, five years  to spread the message of the coming, reformed House of Commons.

And when the commons is filled with common men then all corners of the United Kingdom will be heard, loudly and equally. It is this, Scotland, why I ask you to stay, for the sake of everyone. For god’s sake, have more power in Edinburgh, keep your identity, just please keep your voice in Parliament, for all our sakes.

And in the interest of evening the playing field throughout the United Kingdom, I fully support the establishment of four empowered assemblies, with Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland having control of all internal issues and the establishing of an assembly of England to complete the four.
But whatever you decide Scotland, our history will never be forgotten. If you choose to vote ‘yes’ then I can honestly think of no better neighbour I would rather have and I wish you luck. I only ask that for now, in 2014, the English, Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish can find this common urge to better these lands for everyone.

The sun doesn't set on the United Kingdom, not as long as there are those to make sure of it.

- Peachey
A Future Exists: On Scotland and Union
This is My input and thought on what can be done for the future of Scotland and the United Kingdom


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